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Lose the mess! Let us provide you with clean, efficient wiring solutions

A/V Theater GodZ has a long history with structured wiring systems.  We started in the satellite industry in the mid 1990s and prewired many homes for satellite TV systems.  When HDTV broadcasting started in 1999, we moved to structured wiring panels and included the phone and data cabling.  Today, the structured wiring panel has evolved to include connectivity for all your electronic devices.

A/V Theater GodZ has the experience and the passion to do it right the first time!  We are known all over southern California for our signature cabling.  An obsession to detail is seen in all of our work, from basic panels to fully advanced smart panel.  Ready to start or remodel your dream home?  Make it a SMART home by A/V Theater GodZ!  Contact us today for a consult.

Our Value

  • Innovative Approach

  • Deep Experience

  • Unsurpassed Quality

  • Sterling Integrity

  • Tailored Service

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